What is it going to take for everyone to see what’s necessary to continue surviving?  The world could split open, swallowing billions, and the survivors would quietly, shamefully think to themselves, “more for me”.  We could have everything right now, but we’d prefer to remain true to the course that our ancestors laid out.  It seems the greatest nations are always built on the shoulders of slaves, and you think they didn’t know it?  Do you really think we aren’t still locked into servitude by the power people?  Oh, and it started early.

They quickly realized that the old ways of thinking weren’t going to keep working.  As the world became more and more connected, the common man also realized that things were different than he thought.  These slaves who were taken from their homes and families, they were forced into lives that they never wanted, and their old lives are gone forever.  They told us that these slaves weren’t even human, and we believed them only because it was convenient.  So, as it became common knowledge that we were treating our brothers and sisters with such evil in our hearts, the moral common ground began to shift, and the government took notice, and they knew they couldn’t continue building an empire without people that they could push to their limits.

As it is, we could feed everyone freely and still have plenty.  What does money actually do?  Nothing.  And we have stolen, raped, and murdered in order to obtain and retain it.  What a sad state.  We are now paying the price for never truly standing up and taking control of what is ours.  We have let our leaders misguide us and twist our minds so that, I fear, we will never come together and find our own perfection.  We have the resources.  We have the intelligence.  What we don’t have is time.

They have stripped so much life away from us by making us fight day in and day out for the almighty dollar.  We can’t even work on what we are passionate about anymore, because the jobs we hold so dearly are draining our spirits and destroying our bodies.  And everyday that we go into those jobs and work for a company or corporation rather than our neighbors and therefore, ourselves, we empower those who already hold infinite power.  We are mice in a glass aquarium, and they experiment endlessly.  I fear we are too far into this.

Slavery today is much different in that we are allowed to have more physical things, and we don’t get physically beaten by our employers.  But they tell us what things we can have, and these jobs do the beating for them.  They give the employers power over us as individuals, but we have to realize that we are the only reason that any of this succeeds, and we can forge our own path.  We don’t need little green pieces of paper to do anything.  We are being forced to live a specific story, and I’m goddamn tired of it.


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