I tumble down to the rumbling bustle of the city, hustling toward a feeling that’ll push me through the ceiling.  Stealing time from the future just to get this booster, the green falls hasty from my pocket.  The tasty haze permeates my lazy ways, and the endless chasing maze gets locked away when I blaze.  Deep into my lungs I swallow the choking sex, and the changing perception stings as new light fractures through these damaged specs, inspecting flecks of ash as I dust them off my breast.  I move my head to test the effects of the etherial experience and mold myself to an artist’s faith.  Everything is up now when everything is somehow erroneous all sprung from a felonious deal where I trade the fruits of body and mind for a few moments with that sweet, refined something.  I can’t let it go, because it’s the only thing I know that silences the endless echoes of these demons in my head battling to escape.  I keep haggling and grappling but the pain just keeps on tackling me it shackles at me feet and makes me need something to beat with a violent scream; I dream of strangulation as this nation forces me to my knees to take the full length of its order, and as the days grow shorter I know my time is coming.  All I can do is watch as the dumbing down of the populace becomes the popular opinion of billions hurting everyday, and all they can do to ease their pain is hope that one day a man will save them.  I inhale the fumes and let out a careless plume of authoritative rebellion.  We survive not because we are strong but because we are willing to take from others, brothers, sisters, mothers.  It doesn’t matter.  Families all in tatters from the offense of the color of skin or the sleight of some young salesman’s patter.  I take another hit while it’s still lit, but bit by bit it seeps inside where I can comfortably hide away from the problems of the people.  I might’ve fought in another time when it was more than pantomime, but I sit comfortably smoking, soaking in the hedonistic toking, impotently hoping that the rest of us will see the way, but it won’t be today.  It won’t be tomorrow, and I’m filled with sorrow as my final moments borrowed are breathed away into the atmosphere.  I fear we’ll never learn, and as the world turns we sad few must watch as the fools burn it into ash.


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