Aimless Reflections

The shadow man does all he can to determine the popular opinion of whoever is willing to be swayed.

Colossal turning of events tells us all what to expect from this solar storm.

The silence of catastrophic thinking returns to the forefront of my thoughts as I turn toward the burning light.

Purchase with currency.

Let me know how I can be of service in the heat of the moment, because I’m not much of a planner.

Can you even begin to understand?

Lasting impressions are becoming extinct as the tidal wave that is the digital age either carries us into an intellectual revolution or leads us to our imminent end.

Called you on the phone last night.  Are you sure it wasn’t me?

Plan for things to go so badly that you can’t even stand up, then you’ll have a chance.

The beautiful sunset, sandy beaches, a mother teaching her son, I love what all this should be.

I hope I never have to die for someone I love.

Create a picture in your mind.

Disgusted and pausing, the soldier took one last, deep, slow, nasal breath before doing his duty and pulling the trigger.

You call that a backflip?  I could jump so high, I could do a triple backflip!

Proving himself was difficult as he happened to be not only wrong but also incompetent at every level.

Can we all just agree that killing is bad?

Dust yourself off ya’ sad sack, we got many more miles to go and the sand is itching my ass crack.

The corrugated steel fell from the sky like rain after the massive robot was blasted into four-hundred and seventy-five thousand tiny pieces.

Betrayed and maimed, I limped over the side of the blimp, and it was seriously high up.

Cold steel feels good on my toe corns.

Could you tell me the name of the woman that named your unborn children?

Blood doesn’t taste very good.

Courage isn’t really about making a choice as it is about instinct.

I like curse words, because I don’t find anything wrong with them.

Someone told me a secret, but if I told you then I would be sent to a chamber where I’ll be dismembered with a chainsaw, so I’m gonna keep this one to myself.

Does anything good ever come from you?

This may be completely futile, but I have to do something, so it might as well be this.  It’s got to be better than the alternative.

I’m a helpless boy trapped in a well, and it’s slowly filling up.

Space aliens contacted the president, and he told them all about modern pop culture.

The spider monkey walked on his hands toward the banana, because of course he’s going to go to the banana.

My posture is not all that great, said the camel.

It’s sort of wrong that violent gore is so widely accepted in our culture, but things that actually help people enjoy life are put on the back burner.



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