Looking for Life

My focus is bogus today.

Cloud like and floating, I type away.

No stories to tell,

No pain to quell,

I’m just typing away.


Okay, this part’s a little more difficult,

Because I’ve simply stopped caring.

Sometimes, if I don’t do what I must,

I won’t be worth repairing.


Let me ask a question so that you’ll stop asking,

If you hashtag a casket, does that make it everlasting?


I’ve permanently permanently permanently permanently

Been assigned to assist in the demolition of democracy.

That’s four life sentences tied to a debt that dies with me.

What can I do for my country?


Typing away.  Typing away.

I mustn’t ever sway.  I mustn’t ever betray.

Typing away.  Typing away.

I’ve got to remind myself, you’re going to make it through another day.


I’m nothing but a terrible person,

Blessed with a kind smile.

And everyday I see I worsen.

Nothing matters.


I do not care about you,

We are simply unattached.

I fell from the highest peak

To break your heart into pieces.


Back to work, the cycle continues,

My sickness is allowed to keep spreading.

I wonder if you feel what I feel within you,

Nothing matters.


Not your expectation, not your dreams, not your accomplishments, not all the hard work you’ve sacrificed for someone else, not the love you feel for others, not the progress you’ve made, not the pain you feel, not the frustrations you suffer, not the people you love, not the fear you’ve been living with, not the money in your bank account, not the cell phone in your hand, not your problems, not what you want, not what you need, not the bills you pay, not the responsibilities you were forced into, not anything in your life,



Does that make you feel bad?

Does that make you feel rotten?

Do you want to cry?  Cry, little baby, cry.


My goodness where are my manors?

Oh, right.  I don’t have those.

I’m poor.

Do you see what I’m saying?


Some people have no money.

Some have no food.

Some people have so much more money than most people combined.

That’s just the way the cookie crumbles, I guess.  That was in bad taste.

But no one can deny, cookies are good.


Some days are the worst.

I don’t know if I’ve had my best day.

It’s true that love hurts,

But it’s all life’s fault.

I’m going to keep on from here,

Just to see where it goes.

It’s always good to seek out your fear,

That’s why I like scary shows.


Typing away.  Typing away.

I was tempted to cheat,

because I didn’t want to stay.

But it’s almost over, and I can go.

But there are a few things about dying that I’d sure like to know.


Sometimes I imagine you, and for some reason I think you can hear me.

I know it’s probably all in my head, but they say it’s all in my head.

At least if you are in my head, you’re real enough.

So, I’ll keep typing away.



3 thoughts on “Looking for Life

    1. It’s always interesting to me to see which posts have an impact on people. When I wrote this one, I kind of didn’t expect much, so it’s awesome that you liked it.


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