TDP- No Way Out

The Daily Paragraph

No Way Out

“Ohhh,” she let’s out an enticing moan.

She’s leaned over, staring at me.  Her lips loosen into a vicious grin.  Instantly, she raises the flashlight!  I feel instant pain, an abrupt, intense, sickening weight that shocks and stabs around my eyes.

She bangs something against the steam pipes I’ve been hiding behind, but she should have killed me by now.  I’m caught, she obviously knows it, but what is it she thinks I know?  The light vanishes with the click of a button, and I’ve already surrendered.  I can only see fleeting, white spots and a thin, shadowy figure.  I don’t dare put down my arms to rub my eyes.

“Uhm mm mm,” she scolded, “I’ve been looking all over for you.”


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