About Me Page Update

I decided to re-work my “About Me” page.  If you’re interested, things are a little more detailed and organized now.  

Here you are!  I was wondering when you’d arrive.

So there you are, and below is me!

About Me Page Header

Well, kind of.  The proportions are a bit off, but the colors are right.

So, about me?

Well, since you’re reading this on my blog, let me talk about that first.

About Solid Writ3r

This website is my constant work-in-progress.

I wanted to make writing a daily habit.  As a result, this blog contains many types of work.  You will find poetry, journal entries, opinions, positive thinking, short fiction, and longer posts belonging to larger projects I’m working on.

And the first category at the top left is The Daily Paragraph.  Even if I do nothing else, I’ll add a paragraph to that page daily.

Finally, I try to post multiple times per day, so check out the recent posts to see any posts you might have missed.  I do my best to keep posts organized into categories, so try the categories widget on the sidebar.

About Me

I am from Cleveland, Tennessee.  I grew up listening to Richard Marx and watching Star Wars because of my mom, and learned manners and comedy from my dad.  I am the oldest of four brothers.  I don’t know if I believe in blessings, but if they exist, I consider them the first of my two major ones.

As I said, I wanted to incorporate writing into my life as a more consistent process, rather than, that thing I do sometimes.  At different stages in my life, I’ve wanted to fully commit to the trade, but for various reasons, some justified and some not, I let myself believe that I should be spending my time on something else.  Essentially, circumstances and fear have kept me from pursuing what I’ve always thought was my best talent, and dare I say, my dream.

In general, I feel more comfortable writing about more negative topics.  I’m interested in exploring fear, sadness, regret, hopelessness.  I realize that sounds extremely depressing, but I also feel that many people instinctively create their own light in the face of absolute darkness.  However, I enjoy writing goofy comedy and other genres as well.  Macy, my wife, is always telling me to write more positive pieces, so I do try.

I have type 1 diabetes.  I was diagnosed in May of 2015.  Incidentally, I was in the process of cleaning up some of my unhealthy habits; I had stopped smoking and began exercising much more frequently.  I was just finishing up a semester at Chattanooga State Community College when I started to experience the strange side affects of extremely high blood sugar, but I didn’t know it at the time.

While sitting in philosophy class, I remember noticing a blur in the center of my vision.  If I looked at something out of the corner of my eye, the image cleared up, but if I looked at it straight on, it was like I didn’t even have my glasses on.  Nothing else seemed strange, so I reasoned that there must be a smudge or scratch on my lenses.

I quickly realized that my glasses weren’t the problem.  I remember texting my wife who was in her own chemistry class, about my issue.  She did the best she could not to worry, but I admit I’m glad I wasn’t quite as torn up about it.  She immediately started searching the internet for possible answers, meanwhile I wrote it off as a minor vision issue.

I was mowing my mother’s lawn, who we were staying with at the time, when I noticed I was becoming more tired than usual.  Every five minutes I would become so tired that I needed to rest, and I felt like I couldn’t drink enough water.

 The nights weren’t any better, as I had to get up to pee at least twice an hour.  Still, I figured I wasn’t getting enough sleep, or maybe I was getting sick.

A few days later, my vision problem hadn’t fixed itself, so I decided to make an eye doctor appointment.  He was the one that informed me that it sounded like a side affect of diabetes.  Macy and I went to a walk-in clinic, and they checked my blood sugar and ran a few other tests.  The doctor re-entered the room with the information that my sugar was a little over 500 and that I should go immediately to the hospital.

So we did, and the rest is history.

I met my wife, Macy, in 2008 while living in Dayton, TN.  We married in 2012.  Because of the time I’ve been allowed to spend with her, I consider myself possibly blessed for a second time.  Not only do we get along like best friends, but we even seem to compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  My brother, who was friends with her in high school, invited her to my apartment to hang out one evening, and when I saw her it was as if something was physically shifted inside me, like the meeting was a reunion of two long lost lovers.  As crazy as it sounds, I felt like I knew her and even loved her from that moment.

Honestly, I could talk about her forever, but I’ll let her do that for me.  She keeps a blog of her own that you should definitely check out.  She’s a wonderful person with the kindest heart I’ve ever known.  Check out her blog at:  AlwaysMacyBlog

I enjoy drawing, voice acting, playing video games, writing songs, walking, snacking, and editing photographs.  I’ve had some acting training, taken a course in graphic arts, and years of video game experience.  Though, on the gaming front, I’m currently on hiatus.

When it comes down to it, I want to enjoy life.  I want to write, because I feel I should; it stirs up, not always pleasantly, the deep, undisturbed places in my mind and allows me to fully become myself.  I want to always be creating.  I want to be constantly growing as an individual, and I want to provide for my family as much as possible.  I want to be true to myself and to be successful on my own terms.  I want to be a good person, and I want to leave a mark on this world that inspires others to be considerate and understanding.

If you’re interested, I like to write Journal entries occasionally, which you can click into below.  Thank you for reading, and I truly hope you find something here you can connect with or at least find entertaining.  I always enjoy feedback, so don’t be shy.



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