Guest Poetry from Brenda Davis Harsham, S. Francis, Chhaya, Ameena K.G., and Martian Poet

Guest Poetry 1

Please enjoy and share these poems from these five talented poets.

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Snowdrop’s Spell – Written by Brenda Davis Harsham     

Softest bell,
highest tone,
listen well,
Winter Crone,

snowdrop’s spell
makes you dwindle,
sounds the knell:
spring’s a’kindle,

feel ye well
youth is nigh,
dance a spell,
perhaps fly.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Published March 2, 2017

My Thoughts:  This poem conjures all kinds of familiar imagery and retains its innocence despite the inclusion of the “Winter Crone”.  Cleverly, the themes are all circulating around each other throughout.  Although I think the “youth is nigh,” line is directed toward the unimaginative adult, I felt as though it was stirring up the youthfulness within myself and urging me to be more free and not to be afraid to use my imagination.

Her, Poetry – Written by S. Francis

I do not write poems for her,
she completes the poem.
Words cannot replace
her presence.
Emotions inspired
by our love
told by the twinkling
wealth of night.

I do not write poetry for her,
she lives the poetry of life.
Words cannot explain
her presence.
My warmth
the fire she lights
the fire she feeds
her smile.

Published March 4, 2017

My Thoughts:  I find this poem incredibly relatable, because I’ve often tried to sit down and write about the love of my life only to be left with a result that feels incomplete and shoddy.  I’ve felt awful about this, because I mistakenly thought that it was because their must be something missing in our love, but I realized later that was not the case.  This poem beautifully illustrates that realization.  “Words cannot explain her presence.”  That line is the most powerful for me, because I have created characters that I use her essence in an attempt to bring them to life.  It is a great reminder that we bring our whole selves to our work.


To everyone:  Let me know what you thought!  Thank you for reading and for helping to spread poetry!

Take care.



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4 thoughts on “Guest Poetry from Brenda Davis Harsham, S. Francis, Chhaya, Ameena K.G., and Martian Poet

  1. Heyy Jabin ! Thank you so much for sharing my poem in your lovely blog. I am extremely thrilled and humbled at the same time to know that you found my work worth posting on your page along with the works of other fantastic poets. Your description of the poem is just beautiful and it was really exciting for me to go through a readers mind and know how he exactly felt while reading that poem. Thanks again for this amazing gesture and for taking out time to do all that.

    My very best to you for everything Jabin ! I certainly would look forward to reading more from you.

    Cheers !!

    Liked by 1 person

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