Speaking of Responsibility, Change, and the Big Problem

I’m caught.  Trapped in a maze within a maze, with savages pretending to be people.  How have they survived?  How have I survived?

As a child, I loved taking a crayon to a maze book, and puzzles still engage me, but this planet, this home I’ve been forced to reside upon appears to be an unsolvable beast of a quagmire.

Though I enjoy the sand between my toes or the soft rain upon my shoulders, this earth gave birth to a system of endless bloodshed, and is thus flawed.

We devour the innocent to survive.

What we think of as evil, happens to be the very thing that we’ve deemed noble.  In order to live, we must kill.  We must take life away in order to prolong our own, despite knowing that we too will inevitably die.

It’s a sad state we live in.  As a whole people, if there were such a thing, we have no purpose.  We’re born frivolously into families that may or may not care for us, we eat and we grow.

Religions bicker amongst themselves while the rich figure out how to control the planet.  Everyone else is left with one objective:  Don’t die.  From there, we just have to hope our instincts, intellect, and hormones don’t lead us astray.  But let’s be honest, they usually do.

We’ve long thought that people could unite under a banner of some sort, whether for country or for God.  But fighting against a perceived evil creates a perpetual demand for war.  Once one enemy is vanquished, a new one rises in his place, or we shove one there.

We are the enemy.

And we can’t be beaten.  It’s not about that.  Sure, you could drop a bomb everywhere in the world and destroy us all, but self extinction would be such a waste of potential.

Human beings are amazing!  We are just new to self awareness.

Do you love your mother?  Some will say no, but most would agree that they do indeed.  People have so much more in common with each other than we ever take the time to realize.  And that’s really where culture comes from, a bunch of people who like the same sorts of things.

So why are we so divisive and hateful?  It’s because of the maze.  We’re being led by people who don’t know the way, yet claim they do.  They will not abandon their mission, because their own livelihoods depend on it.  Their families livelihoods depend on it.

Meanwhile, some unseen clock keeps ticking our life away.  Thus, we live frightened.

Still, I recommend solving a puzzle or riddle once in a while.  I enjoy them even to this day.  It’s a nice distraction from the fact that the responsibility of real change, lay firmly upon me.

Do you feel the same? 



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